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Thinking About An Oahu, Hawaii Vacation Home? Read This Guide Before You Buy

Posted by on Mar 1, 2016 in Honolulu | Comments Off on Thinking About An Oahu, Hawaii Vacation Home? Read This Guide Before You Buy

Oahu is widely considered as “The Heart of Hawaii” because of the incredibly scenic landscapes, ocean waters and vibrant wildlife. Whether it is a walk on the beach, kayaking through the cerulean blue waters of the Pacific Ocean, exploring the mountain terrain, exploring the dense, natural forests, or enjoying the city scene of Honolulu… Oahu is one of the world’s paradises.


And naturally, Oahu is a vacation home hot spot for many people seeking to enjoy the best the world has to offer in terms of weather, views and relaxation. When choosing a home, there are a number of factors that is wise to consider. In this blog post, we will cover a few of such items.


To find the best fit for an Oahu vacation home, it is vital that you work with an elite agent in Oahu that knows the area well and can open your eyes up to potential hidden aspects of the Hawaii real estate process. The fee that you pay this Realtor will be well worth it when you are comfortably soaking up the sun, overlooking the ocean and breathing a sign of contentment in your new Oahu vacation rental home.

Now for our list of things to consider while going through this process:

Location – Do you prefer the more modern and city type of lifestyle that a place like Honolulu can offer you? Or perhaps you prefer to be a bit more private and have your own space away from the crowd in the city? Or… perhaps even more private yet, do you prefer to have supreme seclusion by being up in the mountains or on a remote coastal area. Whichever you prefer is fine, however it’s important that you are clear on exactly what you desire.

Type – Which type of home would you like? Is your heart set on a beach dwelling or would you prefer a mountain residence within the trees and green foliage. Knowing this will help hone your search tremendously and allow your Realtor to give you the best options for your desires.

Duration – How long do you plan on being in your new Oahu vacation rental? Is this something that you will live in one month out of the year… or perhaps for the winters of wherever you are staying now. An interesting option to explore when you are not at the residence… is AirBnb, which is an online website that connect you with people who would like to stay at your vacation rental when you are not there. This can help improve your finances and make sure your vacation rental home is generating you extra cash or paying for itself when you are not there to enjoy it.


Well this wraps up our mini-series on things to consider when exploring the option of purchasing a vacation home in Oahu. We hope you found this beneficial and look forward to hearing about which place you decide upon in this beautiful Oasis. 🙂


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How to find the best realtor in Tampa Bay

Posted by on Feb 11, 2016 in Best Realtor, Florida | Comments Off on How to find the best realtor in Tampa Bay

Living in Florida is a dream of many people, whether they are from the USA or not. Tampa bay, as a metropolitan part of this state, attract many of those who visit Florida, as well as those who are looking for a new home in this area. Its warm climate, economic power, advanced health-care system and higher education opportunities attract people of all ages to find home and start their life here. The most popular housing area is Tampa Bay, where you can find thousands of houses and apartments and as many realtors. Night_Palm_Estate_largeSince there are so many real estate agents to choose from, it is not rare that people run into someone who is not exactly a person they can agree with or who can answer their questions and meet their demands. In order to find the best realtor in Tampa Bay, make sure to look for these traits:

1. The realtor needs to know the area – first of all, a good realtor needs to know the area around the home he is showing you. When you are looking for a new home, it is important to know where the certain facilities are, such as business-philosschools, libraries, hospitals, stores, supermarkets and the like. Also, he needs to know and he is due to tell you all the possible causes of trouble in the certain area, so that you know what to expect and whether you would be able to re-sell the home in the future.

2. The realtor has access to Multiple Listing Service (MLS) – being a member of an MLS board makes the realtor obliged to follow certain ethical rights and responsibilities. This means that you are additionally protected and that you can be sure that the realtor will do his job in accordance with the rules, both legal and ethical.

3. The realtor is a specialist – just like in any other profession, realtors may and may not be specialists in their field. Make sure to find a realtor with a license, long working experience and good results and recommendations, the one who will be able to meet your requirements and answer all your questions.

4. The realtor is professional – similarly to being a specialist, the realtor needs to be a 0434999325_14501468_8colprofessional. Full-time working experience as a realtor is a plus, because it means that the realtor is devoted to the job and knows how to deal with the requests.

5. The realtor treats their clients as they deserve – since there are thousands of homes in Tampa Bay to be sold, it is not rare that realtors work with too many buyers and sellers at the same time. Because of this, they can act inappropriately, treating you more like a number than like a person and making you feel uncomfortable. Not to mention that such realtors often leave you without the answers to your questions and they tend to rush you in. Find a realtor who treats you as a person, with patience and care, in order to make your search for a new home not only successful, but also enjoyable.

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How to find the best realtor in Honolulu

Posted by on Feb 11, 2016 in Best Realtor, Honolulu | Comments Off on How to find the best realtor in Honolulu

Honolulu is the capital of the state of Hawaii, as well as its most populous city. Not only does it have the role of a capital, but it is also the main tourist destination in Hawaii, as well as one of the main tourist destinations in the whole of the U.S. Honolulu is also the largest Hawaiian city and its main center of international business, military and industry, and it is the home of the largest airport in the Hawaiian Islands.

The main source of income of the city is tourism, and the other important contributors to the economy are military defense, manufacturing, research and development. Honolulu, as well as Hawaii in general, is familiar for its culture, tradition, cuisine and art, and in combination with warm climate, it is no wonder that it is a dream destination for people all over the world.exp-des-Honolulu-972x340

Not only people are interested in visiting Honolulu, but many people also decide to live there. If you decide to buy a home in Honolulu, it would be advisable to hire a real estate agent, especially if you are not familiar with the city, its real estate market and the neighborhoods. No matter if you are looking for an elite agent in Honolulu in order to buy an expensive house, or you want to buy a more modest home, there are certain things to pay attention when choosing an agent and some questions you must not forget to ask him.

First of all, ask for recommendations from your friends and acquaintances for help, in case some of them have bought a home in Honolulu. Even if you have no one to ask, you can always look online, because there are information and reviews about realtors on various forums and you will be able to find other people’s experiences there.

Once you have narrowed down the choice of possible realtors, you should check their background. It can alsopart-time-realtors
sometimes be done online, and what you need to look for is whether the realtor has an official license for selling real estate. Even if you cannot find such information online, you can feel free to ask the realtor yourself.
When you choose an agent, you can interview him just like you would do when hiring anyone for a certain position. Consider your home search as a job and a realtor as someone who will get the job done and who should do it as well as possible. These are some of the questions you can ask the realtor:

o Does he have a college degree and which college did he graduate from?
o Does he have an official license for being a real estate agent and for how long?
o How many contracts has he concluded so far?
o How will you get in contact and when is he available?

In addition to these questions, you should choose a realtor who knows the area well enough and who can tell you more about the nearby facilities and objects you will need in your day-to-day life. Last, but not least, you need to communicate with the agent easily and he should treat your case professionally, but at the same time treat you friendly.


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